The AP Top 25: Countdown to Relevance

1. Memphis tilleyjpg.gif

You know how when a team is undefeated, and people start saying that the best thing would be for them to lose at least once during the regular season, which then leads to the sports media saying how ridiculous that is and losing once isn’t going to make any difference? Uhh…we can pretty much lay that argument to rest now, right?

2. Tennessee earnie_shavers23.jpg

We’re begrudgingly upgrading them a tic, but we’re still not entirely convinced. There’s not another team in the SEC that we can realistically see in the Sweet Sixteen.

3. North Carolina tilleyjpg.gif

4. Kansas tilleyjpg.gif

5. Duke earnie_shavers23.jpg

6. UCLA tilleyjpg.gif

7. Texas earnie_shavers23.jpg

The lack of depth is a real concern for the Longhorns, but the continued development of Gary Johnson and having D.J. Augustin puts them back as a contender.

8. Butler bateman1.jpg

Can a team in the top 10 really qualify as a darkhorse? Frankly this ranking is way too high for a team that hasn’t played anybody of note, but we still like them as a Tournament team.

9. Stanford pretenders1.jpg

Afther much consideration we’re going to stick to our guns here, particularly since the Cardinal were a phantom foul and no-call goaltend away from being swept in Arizona. We like the Lopez boys, but the backcourt will be their Tournament undoing.

10. Xavier earnie_shavers23.jpg

As opposed to Butler, we don’t think this ranking is too high. Xavier is legit.

11. Wisconsin lithium-2.jpg

There’s only one Big 10 team whose chances we like. This ain’t it.

12. Georgetown earnie_shavers23.jpg

13. UConn earnie_shavers23.jpg

It’s either a statement about the lack of a dominant team in college basketball this year or about the Huskies themselves that they have come so far so fast. The truth is we were really, really close to vaulting them into the territory of the Elite. Wherever they are placed in the Tournament, this team will scare the living hell out of everybody else.

14. Purdue pretenders1.jpg

Nope, not this Big 10 team either.

15. Indiana earnie_shavers23.jpg

You got it. Speed dialing be damned, this team has two potential lottery picks.

16. Drake bateman1.jpg

17. Washington State earnie_shavers23.jpg

If they enter the Tournament as a 5 or higher seed, I’m calling my bookie.

18. Louisville earnie_shavers23.jpg

19. Michigan State pretenders1.jpg

I sure as hell hope you didn’t think it was this Big 10 team.

20. Vanderbilt pretenders1.jpg

21. Notre Dame lithium-2.jpg

Harangody may end up Big East Player of the Year, Torin Jackson gives them much needed athleticism, and as usual the Irish have a bunch of white guys who can and will shoot from anywhere at any time. Hopefully they’re scouting the Big South for potential first round Tournament matchups a little better this year.

22. Texas A&M lithium-2.jpg

23. St. Mary’s bateman1.jpg

24. Kansas State lithium-2.jpg

25. Marquette lithium-2.jpg

I Ain’t Dead Yet :

  • Arizona – Very, very close to being dead however. Losing Nic Wise could prove crushing, it’s not like there was a lot of depth to start with.
  • Pitt
  • Rhode Island
  • Gonzaga
  • Arkansas – if for no other reason than we haven’t been able to talk about Steven Hill for three months. His absence lo these many weeks has absolutely nothing to do with any missing persons in the greater Fayetteville area.
  • New Mexico
  • USC
  • Syracuse
  • Kentucky

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