The North Carolina bandwagon must be bigger than ”Supertrain” by now (Bad 70’s TV reference anyone? Anyone?), and with good reason. In our reranking of the Sweet Sixteen supertrain_ii1.jpgwe already had them listed solidly at the top of the heap. Still we’re shocked at how little people seem to be talking about Louisville. Good Christ, are the Cardinals scary right now. In fact since the bracket was announced, we’ve been looking forward to a potential North Carolina/Louisville matchup more than any game this year. Then we looked at the calendar, the one the wife schedules six months in advance and we glance at only occasionally. Uh oh. Since the depth of our emotions could not be expressed by mere tears or gnashing of teeth, we’ll follow up to our wildly popular “Howl” and leave it to a more poetic hoops fan than ourselves, fellow Bay Area native Bobby Frost (yes, he is from San Francisco). 

Whose TV this is I think I know.
He owns the Circuit City though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch the Carolina pre-game show.
My little wife must think it queer
To have my eyes begin to tear
Watching from the street for Christ’s sake
The best goddamn game of the year.
She gives my arm an irritated shake
And my balls she begins to break.
On the couch you can plan to sleep
If you even think you’re going to flake.
I want to see this game so bad it makes me weep.
But have a fucking meeting with our accountant to keep,
And a year’s receipts in a heap,
And a year’s receipts in a heap.


  1. Kinner says:

    You failed to mention that Dennis Dugan, star of “Supertrain,” went on to a successful film directing career. Who runs this blogs? Who are you elitists?!

  2. FlexIcan says:

    I had to laugh. Since I know one of the bloggers personally (although I’d never admit it in public) the only thing elite about him is his ability to foul the air during an early morning golf outing after a night of mexican food. Just because he calls his man purse a “valise” doesn’t make him elitist. A sissy, most definitely, but not an elitist.

  3. Loniel Hutz says:

    He also has the uncanny ability to commit a foul without touching anyone, yet when he gets hammered on the drive, there is no call. If the “elitist” author were pitching high school baseball in Georgia, let’s just say there’d be a few umpires walknig around in a daze.

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