Yee of Little Faith

We will only make one game prediction for the Tournament – Memphis will beat Texas today. That this qualifies as somewhat of an upset in light of popular opinion points out one of the driving psychologies of the NCAA Tournament, namely self-doubt. It works something like this: I know there are four teams in the country better than everyone else, but I know they are all #1 seeds, therefore I know four #1 seeds cannot advance, meaning I will pick what I think is the weakest #1 with the toughest draw to lose. This mentality snowballs as no one wants to be the last one on board the upset bandwagon, and pretty soon you have a consensus. We were guilty of it as well, picking a Final Four that included only two of these teams despite the fact that our preseason preview listed those teams as ahead of the field, our inseason Top 25 consistently pegged them as the four Elite schools, and our Tournament preview had them as solid #1s. Kahlil Gibran said that, “doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother”, but were he alive today even he would have succumbed to the opinion that foul shooting would prove the undoing of Memphis.

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