There were a few things that surprised us following our post last week concerning former Warriors and Kings head coach Eric Musselman’s blog/resume/cry for help. We were surprised to subsequently find out that one of the Sacramento Bee’s head sports writers has been sitting on the news of EMuss’ blog for about a month and is bummed that they have now been “scooped” (Though Musselman is interested in hiring the writer as his publicist). We were equally surprised to find out that, according to the Bee, though Musselman is a candidate for the Stanford opening, his blog was partly responsible for his not getting the USF job. But most surprising of all is that seemingly in the wake of our post, Musselman has now changed his blog. This bit of revisionist history no longer includes the highly presumptuos “Pro vs College Coaching” piece nor the mind-numbingly tedious, “Quick look at the last few months…”. It doesn’t even include the MySpacesque bio under his picture. Good thing for us we have screen shots of the old, and frankly more entertaining, site. Unfortunately those glimpses inside a lonely, unemployed coach will have to do for now, at least until comes along.

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