2008 NBA Draft Live Blog: A Constructive Waste Of Time

By the way, we’ve sort of recused ourselves from commenting on Gallinari because we know precious little about him.  But I have to say after watching some of his highlight reel…mmm, not so much.  That pick could get ugly, quick.




I should have known better than to think that Larry Bird was having a good day.  Oh wait, he picked up Josh McRoberts, too.  I take it back.



Is it me or did Robin Lopez just make David Stern his prom date?  Where’s corsage, Ropez?  Bad form.




The Warriors just got a lot skinnier.  Great.  Seriously, how does a guy that doesn’t break two bills help you inside?  Yuck.




Or not.  Didn’t the Bobcats just draft a point last year?  REALLY don’t understand that pick.




Joe Alexander is super-pumped.  Still, doesn’t moms know how to tie a tie?


Brook Lopez to Charlotte has to be the no-brainer of the lottery.  God what a boring team, poor JRich.




Look for the Kevin Love Celebrity Diet in the next issue of US Weekly.  Shit, he looks great, too bad he’s going to a city renowned for its barbecue.




One of us is a Kings fan.  Chad Ford’s last mock draft had Bayless dropping to the Kings.  I didn’t think there was any way that would happen, but the Westbrook pick sure makes it a lot more possible.  Frankly I just don’t get it, Bayless will make teams very, very sorry.




And after all of that, Pat Riley was just full of shit.  Of course that could change.


By the way, love having Stephen A. doing the interviews this year.  Means you can hit the mute during a completely meaningless segment.




With the exception of those moments where I need to get more beer or pick up my son at pre-school (A twofer trip!), we will be following the draft live tonight.  Feel free to shoot us any questions or comments you might have. 


The first question on the minds of a good 70% of our loyal readers’ mind is what the Warriors are going to do.  I frankly don’t think even the greatest of NBA insiders could tell you what they will do, because most of what comes out of Nellie is a bluff.  Like the really hot Jason Thompson thing, which actually could be some kind of double-bluff.  Here, however, is what I think they should do.


Koufos, Thompson, and Donte Greene all have skills and I could see any one of them succeeding in the NBA.  But what they are is big men with nice outside games who I don’t exactly see mixing it up inside and pulling down boards.  Sound like anyone else you know?  So given that Nellie doesn’t even like Harrington I can’t see getting another one.  Neither do I see Anthony Randolph if he’s available, because they also don’t need a young, athletic, unpolished forward with the body of a piece of rebar.  This is a 48 win team with leaders and scorers – what they need is role players, specifically a banger who can rebound.  If they don’t trade their pick and the exception (very possible) for a veteran to fit that role, my first choice would be the underrated Darrell Arthur.  If he’s gone then screw the prognosticators and take burgeoning man-child Marreese Speights or J.J. Hickson, one of the toughest inside players in the draft.  I think all three of these guys are being underrated and all could play the role the Warriors need them to.

3 Responses to 2008 NBA Draft Live Blog: A Constructive Waste Of Time

  1. Ryan says:

    Basically Larry Brown fell in love with Darko all over again. That guy will never play in the league. Augustine and then a big project? Stupid moves by Charlotte

  2. pyramidofexcess says:

    Portland also likes to draft Euros and let them mature overseas, they just don’t do it with top 20 picks. Wow, what a bad draft for Charlotte. Augustin is a nice PG, but that’s about it…nice. He’ll be an excellent backup to ok starter in the league – generally 5’10” points don’t excel unless they are super quick, and Augustin is not that. Jordan and Co. just further alienated both Bobcats fans.

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