Packin’ It Up

We have a confession.  As much as we love college basketball, the arrival of the NCAA Tournament always elicits a psychosomatic reaction of indefinable negativity and nausea as soon as some old white guy starts unveiling the teams and seedings.  Then it occurred to us that for the majority of our lives, our soundtrack for the Tournament, our Virgil through the underworld of college hoops, has been one man – Billy Packer.  Now say what you will about him – he’s a wet blanket, he’s a big conference honk, he’s often wrong and is singularly unapologetic about it when he is proven so, he is a dick, but…well, just go ahead and say what you will about him.  Go ahead, get it out.  There, better now?  Still, the man had been broadcasting at the highest level of his sport for more than a quarter of a century, and his departure is rightfully being treated with the proper respect due a broadcaster of his stature.

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