About Pyramid of Excess

College basketball is not a religion.  It is a deity to whom there are many paths.  The Pyramid of Excess recognizes the rights of all denominations, we are equal parts John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success and equal parts Homer Simpson’s.


The Pyramid of Excess consists of two cousins who have both delighted and disappointed their families across two generations.  Their dream is to one day open a topless tea room.


2 Responses to About Pyramid of Excess

  1. Ron Mexico says:


    Oliver Miller would like to add “Gravy” to your pyramid. Best of luck on your endeavor. I look forward to your character assassination of Billy Packer.

  2. GM says:

    As a WCC alumni I thoroughly enjoyed all the articles you guys put out this season. I hope you guys can keep this going for a while. At least you have the pull to get EMuss to change his blog!

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